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It’s my annual hurdles post which only means track season is coming up to the finish line! I can actually believe the season is over because it has been a long nine weeks! I had retired from coaching last year because I just needed a break, but I decided to coach again this past track season. I love hurdles, so it’s hard for me to stay off the track. I had a great group of student athletes this year and overall, I think they did well. I didn’t start hurdling until high school, so it’s awesome that my school offers track for middle schoolers.

Now that track is officially over, I can get back into my regular fitness routine. I’m excited about my new Brooks’ running shoes because they are so comfortable and not too heavy for distance running. I don’t have any races coming up just yet, but now that the weather is looking better than it has in the last few weeks, I’m just excited to get back to moving around a lot more!

Asides hurdles and fitness, can we talk about this custom made tie dye shirt?! I’m obsessed. I think it’s so fun and I need to add more tie dye pieces in my closet. Possible post to come? Who else is loving tie dye?!



lead leg hurdle coach tie dye long sleeve shirt neon tie dyed long sleeve shirt and neon lime sunglasses  nike navy leggings with mesh back of legs hurdle coach on the track coach tie dye shirt and navy nike leggingshigh pony tailbrooks running shoes
brooks adrenaline running shoes
Photography: Limani Designs

Shirt: (option) // Nike: Leggings (option) // LOFT: Sunglasses (option) // Brooks: Shoes

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