Is It Doughnuts Or Donuts?

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Chicago Style Blogger Peggy KolliasIs it doughnuts or donuts?

That is the only debate I care about today. I’ll eat either one! Haha. All jokes aside, today is Valentine’s Day. I like to think this “holiday” is just to remind us to tell the ones close to us that we love them every day. Life is precious and you never know what will happen tomorrow, so always be grateful that you have people in your life that care about you and vice versa.

I would love to share this day and every day with somebody special, but we just haven’t crossed paths yet. Some days it’s really hard because it feels like everybody around me is getting engaged or having babies and I’m like, I’ll have another donut, please! But then on other days, I look at my life and I’m quite happy with how far I have come and all the achievements I have made. I also would rather be single than be with somebody that doesn’t appreciate me or see my “uniqueness.” I love my family and friends and I know I’m not “alone” in this world. I guess it’s all about perspective It’s also hard when the people you love live far away, but thank goodness for FaceTime and Viber. So if you’re near the ones you love, squeeze them real tight and smother them with kisses or give them a box of donuts 😉

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