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Eleni (my sister), Angie (my mom) & me


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I almost forgot how to upload everything and then what to post and write about. At lot happened in 2020 and I’m still processing and healing (mentally and physically). Although it’s hard to talk about everything and to open up, it’s been really good to connect with people who have gone through similar experiences. Even people I have never met in real life that have been there for me has been amazing. I’m so grateful to have such wonderful and caring people in my life and I truly appreciate all the love.

These photos are from the (semi) surprise intimate birthday party my mom, my sister and my friends Esther & Brian planned for me in November. It was a small intimate dinner with a few close (masked) friends. I knew something was up because I was told the colors, but everything else was a complete surprise. You might notice my two outfit changes. My pink jumpsuit was for some official Limani Designs photos and my pink metallic fringe dress was for the party. Yes, I’m a little extra, but that’s just me 🙂

After a year of many hardships, we wanted to celebrate life. This was before my procedure and I was really nervous, but we needed to remember that life is a gift and that everything would be ok. It was just so nice being together and to laugh again. Through everything, I know my family and I will always be there for each other and we can always lean on each other.

I’m going to try blogging regularly again because I miss it. I missed getting lost in (fashion) thoughts and missed writing. I’ve also been back to work and have been putting together really cute outfits, and I think you’ll like them too.

I hope you will continue reading HAMR and thank you for being here.



Masked Up laughs only Team Limani Designs pink off the shoulder jumpsuit; look number one Team Limani Designs pink metallic fringe dress; look number two Relaxing :) Behind the Scenes

ASOS: Jumpsuit & Dress // Valentino: Rockstuds

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