Polka Dots Are Taking Over My Closet

standard May 13, 2019 2 responses
polka dot maxi skirt

polka dot maxi skirtPolka dots are taking over my closet and I’m not even mad about it! Polka dots are so classic, that they will never go out of style. Something about them lately though is making me want everything with polka dots. I have a few more new pieces that I’ve added into my closet with subtle ones, but I think it’s because they can give any outfit that little extra fun appeal. A simple look can be transformed automatically with some polka dots. I didn’t really know I was so passionate about polka dots until writing this post 😂. Anybody else really into polka dots?!

Keeping today’s post short, but I’m excited to publish new content this week!



maxi tan and black polka dot button skirtmaxi tan and black polka dots button skirt

tulips on michigan avenue chicago polka dot maxi skirt with black booties and carryout purse whowhatwear collection polka dot maxi skirt polka dot skirt and black booties

black and tan polka dotstan skirt with black polka dots and asymmetrical one shoulder black bodysuit

asymmetrical one shoulder black bodysuit tan skirt with black polka dots, asymmetrical one shoulder black bodysuit, black booties, black knotted headbandPhotography: Samantha Kramer
Location: Michigan Avenue, Chicago

WhoWhatWear: Skirt // Aritzia: Bodysuit (option) // Old Navy: Denim Jacket // H&M: Headband // Ray-Ban: Sunglasses (option) // Pop & Suki: Handbag (option) // Hermes: Booties (option)

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