Red, White & Tweed

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red, white and tweedRed, white and tweed. Today is a very important election day! I hope you were all able to go out and vote and let your voices be heard. Every vote does matter. Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t able to vote (I was born in Greece) and since I’ve gotten my citizenship, I vote every time there’s an election. It’s so important to exercise this right we have here in this country and to be thankful for those who came before us to give us this right, along with other rights. I hope you were all able to inform yourselves on how the candidates stand on so many issues. Not only is it important to vote, but it’s important to be informed on who you are voting for. May the best qualified candidates win and make great changes for our country’s future!

tweed top and corduroy shorts fall hues and textures tweed, corduroy and leather handbag tweed short sleeve top with blue stripe ruffles fall in chicago fall in the city multicolor tweed short sleeve top and camel corduroy shorts long gray coat camel suede bootiesZARA: Top (option) & Shorts (option) // Forever 21: Coat (option) // Kate Spade: Sunglasses // Hue: Tights // Vintage Kem: Handbag // Banana Republic: Shoes (1, 2, 3) // Arm Party: Klasse 14 watch and Hermes bangles

Photography: Samantha Kramer

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