School Looks 31-60

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Welcome to the second installment of school looks 31-60! I’m really happy that I stuck with documenting my outfits after the first thirty days. It really is my ultimate goal to document one full year of teaching outfits and to see how I mix up my clothes throughout the seasons. The first thirty looks were easier to put together because the weather was nicer out and I didn’t have to think too much about multiple pieces of clothing and now I have to layer more and try not to get in a rut of wearing the same sweater every week. I was out a couple of days due to being sick, so that’s why this round took a bit longer to put together, but life happens and I’m just going with the flow. Overall, If you want any links to any of these outfits just let me know. And I still challenge all of my readers to tag me and use my hashtag #HallwaysAreMyRunways if you’re up for the challenge. Let’s see what the next thirty looks will look like! Thanks for following along on Insta Stories 🙂

If you want to see the first thirty looks click here.
34-36 37-39 40-42 43-4546-4849-51

52-54 55-5758-60

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