Sweet & Edgy Gal

standard November 6, 2014 Leave a response

sweet-and-edgy-galThese items might just be on my coveted birthday list to myself. Every year, I like to treat myself to something I usually wouldn’t buy if it wasn’t for a special occasion. This year my closet lacks a sparkly midi sequin skirt, so this might be this year’s winner. I like mixing very feminine pieces (skirt, earrings, handbags) with more edgy pieces like a leather moto jacket and a beanie. Although, I’ll probably wear this skirt at more formal events during the holiday season with heels, but I also totally see myself wearing it with my sneakers – perfect description of my sweet & edgy gal look.

1. Black Orchid 2. Kate Spade / 3. Intermix /4. Old Navy /5. Rebecca Minkoff / 6. Converse / 7. Sabine