A Taste of Fashion Journalism

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a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalisma-taste-of-fashion-journalismChicago Ideas Week has come and gone already! Lauren and I started off the week with Maria Pinto’s Lab, then we attended the Pop Culture, Your Life Trending talk which was really entertaining and gave us a brief history of pop culture and how social media has effected us and finally we rounded out the week at the School of Art Institute of Chicago Fashion Institute’s (SAIC) Resource Center where we got a taste of fashion journalism with Gillion Carrara.

Gillion was an amazing resource into fashion history. She knew every designer we brought up and her knowledge of everything fashion was impeccable. We were very lucky to have spent the afternoon at the resource center because it’s usually not open to the public, but to students studying at the school. The amount of resources in the center was mind-blowing. We were able to look at magazines dating back to the early 1900s, flip through unique lookbooks, touch the beautiful pieces of clothing in the closet, admire all the pretty accessories and even see an original bottle of Schiaparelli’s fragrance. You could really tell that the staff truly appreciates fashion history and they were very resourceful.

Lauren and I had an insightful afternoon exploring the resource center and gaining a deeper appreciation for fashion journalism. We want to thank Chicago Ideas Week for giving us access to these amazing labs and talks. Until next year…

Peggy & Lauren

a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalism a-taste-of-fashion-journalisma-taste-of-fashion-journalism


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This is my first side by side challenge and it’s only appropriate that it’s with Jill because we bought this J.Crew Amor t-shirt together. It was on super sale plus our teacher discount, so we both couldn’t resist a practically free shirt ($13 to be exact).

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