Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend jeans are definitely trending right now. They are great to wear with flats or heels. Because the fit is a bit loose and a bit boxy, I suggest folding the bottoms of the jeans, but don’t make the fold too neat. The messier the fold, the better. Wear your favorite pair of shoes and a loose top and you’re set to conquer the day or night.

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1. Gap // 2. DL1961 // 3. 7 For All Mankind // 4. J. Brand // 5. J. Brand // 6. Current/Elliot // 7. 7 For All Mankind // 8. Velvet // 9. Sold Design Lab // 10. Liverpool


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Putting together a “look” always begins like a blank canvas. I believe in the following mantra, “You have to look good, to feel good; to do good.” In other words, pick something to wear that makes you feel like you can conquer anything. Read More