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Teotihuacan - 1As much as I loved exploring Mexico City, I had just as much fun at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, just about a fifty minute bus ride outside the city. It was quite the interesting ride because there was a one man show singing and playing guitar right behind me almost the entire time. I have to say that it was kind of nice and I didn’t mind it that much.

Anyway, we finally arrived at the pyramids and decided to start exploring and climbing. No wonder the tallest pyramid there is called the Pyramid of the Sun, it practically touches the sun and there was no way to escape the sun and the heat. Thank goodness my brother bought one of those hats above to cool down a bit.  Teotihuacan - 2 Teotihuacan - 3 Teotihuacan - 4

Indiana Jones.Teotihuacan - 5

Pyramid of the Sun is in the background.Teotihuacan - 6

My brother, Dio!
Teotihuacan - 7

Pyramid of the Sun.Teotihuacan - 8 Teotihuacan - 9

Sombreros.Teotihuacan - 10

YAY I (AKA Lara Croft) made it to the top!Teotihuacan - 11

View from the top!Teotihuacan - 3

Archeologists hard at work.Teotihuacan - 2

Everybody was touching the middle of the top of the pyramid, so why not?!

Teo - 2Teotihuacan - 1

Caught in action.

Teo - 1

Gap: Jeans and Sweatshirt (similar) // Old Navy: Boots // Kelsi Dagger: Backpack (similar) // Ralph Lauren: Eyewear (similar) // Forever 21: Owl Necklace (similar)

Museo Jumex

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Museo Jumex - 10Another museum we visited while in Mexico City was Museo Jumex. The contemporary art exhibitions were very interesting and interactive. I loved watching people play ping pong outside. I just thought this was a great statement whilst people were having fun and enjoying themselves. Did I mention it was high 70s low 80s the entire time we were there?! No wonder the people were so happy and outside all the time! I highly recommend visiting in person or take a virtual tour below:Museo Jumex - 8Museo Jumex - 1 Museo Jumex - 2 Museo Jumex - 4 Museo Jumex - 5 Museo Jumex - 6Museo Jumex - 7