Sightseer Twist

standard August 31, 2015 2 responses

sightseer twist - 1Today I’m playing sightseer with a twist! Living in Chicago and having friends visit all the time, I usually take them to the main attractions (i.e. Sears=Willis Tower, Millennium Park, Michigan Avenue, etc…) first, but what I really like to show my visitors is a part of the city that’s different and unexpected. The neighborhoods of Chicago are so unique that sometimes you forget you’re in the city. “Playing” local tourist and discovering new hidden gems is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. That being said, I can’t wait to go exploring again this upcoming weekend.   sightseer twist - 8 sightseer twist - 2 sightseer twist - 4sightseer twist - 7 sightseer twist - 5 sightseer twist - 9sightseer twist - 6sightseer twist - 10sightseer twist - 3Loft: Sightseer Twist Jumpsuit // Goyard: Clutch (similar) // Mules: Option // Earrings: Option

Photography: Limani Designs

Wild Stripes

standard June 17, 2015 4 responses

Wild Stripes - 1Hello there HAMR readers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, but I’m writing this post from Melbourne, Australia (hence the wild stripes inspired dress)!!! School ended last week and I was getting ready for the trip. When it was time to finally depart Chicago, we had so many delays taking off and even when landing in L.A. My parents and I ended up missing our connection flight to Melbourne, but the airline had already set us up at a hotel room for the night. Although we were sad we weren’t leaving, we decided to make the best out of the situation. We ended up ordering room service at 2 A.M. and then blissfully falling asleep.

The next day, we had breakfast and then I found the pool. I knew that in Melbourne it was going to be fall/winter, but as I’ve learned from traveling all these years and so many lost luggage situations, I always put a swimsuit in my carry-on bag. So when I was packing, everybody thought I was crazy when I said I was packing one, but boy did it come in handy in L.A. A couple of hours in the sun and meeting some guests at the hotel turned into a great day. One of my goals while traveling and life goal now is to calm down in situations where I might get upset and to just breathe. So when the original flying plans changed, we took those lemons, drank some lemonade and made the best out of the situation.

Right now, I’m typing in my little sister’s kitchen while my niece plays with her toys. As you can see, I finally made it safely. It’s been a year and a half since I last saw my sister and I finally met my seven month old niece. It’s much better in real life then just seeing her on FaceTime. Holding my niece and giving her kisses is my favorite! I’m really happy I’m here and everybody is together.

I’m not sure how my blogging schedule will look like while I’m here for a month, but I will do my best to live blog or if worst comes to worst, you’ll just read a ton of posts in July! Wild Stripes - 3 Wild Stripes - 4 Wild Stripes - 5 Wild Stripes - 6Wild Stripes - 2These were the last outfit photos I took before I left – thanks Samantha Kramer!

Fresh Haircut: Solo Salon // Dress: Bar III (option) // Shoes: Dolce Vita (option) // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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Spotted. I found the perfect winter dress. Although it has short sleeves, it’s a thicker material. I wore it with this awesome Theory bomber jacket that I found at Crossroads Trading for $45. That place is seriously amazing.  Don’t worry I have a couple more pieces from there that were practically given to me coming up. This is definitely my go-to outfit for this season.

On another note, this is one of my last posts with my long hair (eek!) I’m loving my new shorter hair though. Plus, I feel so different, in a good way. Change is good and it’s just hair at the end of the day – it will grow back. I hope you’ll like it too when I post (soon as well).

Have a great week everybody!



 spotted spotted spotted spotted spotted spotted

spottedPhotography: Limani Designs

Dress: Keepsake via Piperlime // Eyewear: c/o SunglassWarehouse (similar) // Bomber Jacket: Theory via Crossroads Trading // Timepiece: Timex (similar) // Bangles: Hermes and Sweet & Spark (similar) // Booties: Report via Piperlime (similar) // Tights: Hue // Ring: Kate Spade // Earrings: Kate Spade // Handbag: Michael Kors