Urban Canvas

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urban-canvas urban-canvas urban-canvas urban-canvas urban-canvas urban-canvas


Happy December all! I hope everybody had a good holiday break and some time to relax. I had a super busy and fun weekend. The highlight would have to be becoming a Godmother to a sweet baby girl, Maria. I’ll be posting photos soon of her big day.

I feel like I haven’t posted a look in a while, but that’s because the temperatures have been all over the place. It was actually decent weather over Thanksgiving break, so I wore this jersey knit dress. It probably is the most comfortable dress in my closet currently. I love how the front zipper gives me options on how to wear the dress and I really like how the pockets sway as I walk.

When deciding on a dress to buy, I always look for those little details that would make a dress stand out from the others. This also plays into how to photograph an outfit look. The city of Chicago is my urban canvas. Little secret and random spots make for the best backdrops focusing attention onto the look. Roaming around to different neighborhoods also gives me inspiration; therefore, I couldn’t ask for a better city than Chicago.

Kensie: Dress (similar)
Calvin Klein: Boots (similar
Gap: Jacket (similar)
Kate Spade: Earrings

Photography: Limani Designs

Isle Of Skye

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Print Theory

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