Spring Stlyd.by

gallery May 19, 2014 Leave a response


A night of fashion, music, food and drinks is always a great night if you ask me. Gap Southport hosted an ultimate Miami styld.by event a few weeks ago featuring looks from Urban Daddy and people are still talking about it. I was honored to be their guest blogger again and had a fun night of styling customers and live models.

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Pale Pink

gallery May 16, 2014 Leave a response

After months of complaining disagreeing with Chicago weather, signs of spring are always comforting. I really do like being able to experience all four seasons, even though some last longer than others, but spring is unique. Read More

Teal Lace

gallery May 8, 2014 Leave a response

Yeah it officially feels like spring out today! Arms, legs and necks have been spotted in Chicago. What a wonderful feeling being able to shed the winter layers. I’m hoping the brighter weather will motivate me to finally get around to the endless tasks I have to do in the upcoming weeks. Read More