Montmorency Falls

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Montmorency Falls in Quebec, Canada, was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I know TLC said not to chase waterfalls, but I just can’t help myself – I LOVE WATERFALLS. It’s just something about their majestic beauty and grandeur. I’ve been driving people nuts talking non-stop about Canada, but I truly never expected to love it as much as I did. A summer trip might already be in the works..

Only two crazy girls would go somewhere colder than Chicago for winter break, but I’m truly grateful that my best friend went along with this insane idea. We had one of the best vacations together ever. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’d both rather be in Canada right now. We split our trip between Montreal and Quebec City. I highly recommend both cities. There is just so much charm everywhere and you truly feel like you’re in Europe.

My other crazy idea is to start learning French. I took a semester of French in the sixth grade and remembered a few phrases from my older sister and long and behold, I had those French-Canadians think I knew French! Everybody was extremely friendly and very helpful when we inquired about random stuff.

Anyway, back to the Falls. We took an Uber to the Falls from Old Town in Quebec City, where we were staying, and about thirty minutes later we arrived. There was no entrance fee and we walked around the grounds for a few hours. Right away we were taken aback by all the natural beauty. Honestly, I think the snow made everything look purer and it made us forget about how cold it was that day. Montmorency Falls is actually about thirty meters taller than Niagara Falls (which is on my Canada list). There are also many activities to partake in while there like riding the cable cars, snowshoeing, zip- lining (in the summer), etc. The suspended bridge above the Falls was sooo cool. I never expected to get such great views! The sound of the water and feeling the bridge move a bit made it so thrilling to walk across the bridge! Needless to say, definitely put Montmorency Falls on your bucket list!

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Colorado Photo Journal

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Colorado - 1Wow, this week flew by and I can’t believe I was just in Colorado last weekend. It was my first time out there and I had such a fun and amazing time. I visited a friend from a long time ago and he was such a great tour guide. He made the trip very memorable and I’m really glad that we were able to connect again.

Everything is so beautiful in Colorado – the mountains, wildlife and nature in general. I’m still in awe of all the natural beauty everywhere there that it seemed as though time had stopped and we were painted in the foreground of an amazing masterpiece. I even “hiked” up a mountain which I thought I’d never make it to the top, saw a waterfall (which are my absolute favorites), and couldn’t believe we were still in Colorado when we stopped at Nederland – it’s seriously so beautiful. Oh how can I forget, we also stayed at the cutest log cabin place in the mountains! The whole trip felt like a dream and I didn’t want to wake up from it. On that note, this post is definitely helping me plan my next trip out there because I miss it already. Enjoy the views 🙂
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