The Castle of Fairytales

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The Castle of Fairytales in Agrili, Messinia, Greece

The Castle of Fairytales is one of my favorite places in the world. If you read my previous post, Filiatra, The Paris of Greece, you’d know that this is another art piece by Haralampos Fournarakis. My small hometown of Agrili is mostly olive trees, the sea and a few houses/apartments. You can only imagine how I felt growing up with a fairytale castle down the road (about 1/2 mile from my house)! To an outsider it might seem weird, which it is, but it gives Agrili character, not that it doesn’t have character, but it explains why we really love Agrili. People used to live in there, but I don’t think they still live there now. When we were little, we went inside a few rooms that they let visitors see and I remember even going all the way up to the roof which was super cool. Now, you can only walk around the grounds. It’s still exciting to go there because it’s just really fun. You have to go through the watermelon field and in the middle of nowhere with seafront property a magical white castle with red stands boldly in front of you. It really makes you feel like royalty 🙂

Fairytale Castle in Agrili, Greece Pegasus Exploring the castle Sculpture Castle Doors Welcome to my home ;)

Who What Wear: Tank Top // GAP: Shorts (option) // Sam Edelman: Sneakers (option) // Holly & Tanager: Belt Bag // Stradivarius: Sunglasses (option)

Photography: Dina

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