Week Fourteen

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week fourteen work wear

Week fourteen work looks.

Another week of work looks in the books 😂 (Reading Specialist joke). Because I wear all my clothes and love them so much, sometimes I have them for YEARS! So trying to find something similar is often difficult. I try to do my best, but sometimes the descriptions are so crazy. My search engine history lately is: puffy sleeves, flutter sleeves, teddy bear sweater and other random things. I don’t think you constantly need to wear something new to feel good, although shopping makes me very happy. Part of have personal style is the ability to see all the different variations of what you already own. I can tell this school year so far, I’ve been wearing my Docs a lot since I got them and I know I wear my Gucci belt at least once a week. Investments like this are great because they are staple pieces and just accent the outfit. You definitely need to prioritize what you want to invest in and spend your money on in your closet. I think many people feel this way. Anyway, this week was all above textures and staying warm. Layering dresses is also great for work especially if they have thin straps. Even adding a blazer would be great, also. Alright, only a few more work wear posts for 2019!

Monday = Amazon: Pearl Headband // ZARA: Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt (option) // Old Navy: Jeans (option) // Gucci: Belt // Doc Martens: Boots
Tuesday = Amazon: Pearl Knotted Headband // Uniqlo: Cardigan Sweater (option) // GAP: Cropped Pants (option) // Banana Republic: Booties (option)
Wednesday = ZARA: Flutter Sleeve Mock Turtleneck (option) // Lush: Dress // Gucci: Belt // Hue: Tights // Doc Martens: Boots
Thursday = Amazon: Pearl Knotted Headband // GAP: Teddy Bear Sweater (option) & Jeans (option) // CAT: Boots (option)
Friday = Amazon: Pearl Headband // ZARA: Puff Sleeve Sweater (option) // Gucci: Belt // GAP: Dress (option) // Hue: Tights // Doc Martens: Boots



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