K & N @ Olive Park

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K-N-Olive-Park - 5Recognize these cuties?! I’m so excited to share these photos of K & N! We had the perfect summer morning at Olive Park snapping photos and taking in the gorgeous views of the city. They are so cute and I can’t resist their smiles ūüôā
K-N-Olive-Park - 2 K-N-Olive-Park - 3 K-N-Olive-Park - 4 K-N-Olive-Park - 6 K-N-Olive-Park - 9 K-N-Olive-Park - 10 K-N-Olive-Park - 12 K-N-Olive-Park - 13 K-N-Olive-Park - 14 K-N-Olive-Park - 15 K-N-Olive-Park - 16 K-N-Olive-Park - 17 K-N-Olive-Park - 18 K-N-Olive-Park - 19

‘Tis the Season: Nicholas & Kate

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tis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-nicholas-and-katetis-the-season-mate-and-nicholasThe last installment of Mini Runways for this year is none other than Nicholas & Kate. Kate¬†was my first Mini Runways feature¬†ever and she’s the one who inspired me to start taking portraits. I know, such a little girl had such a big impact! I was honored that Patty and Spero, their parents, wanted me to take their photos because let’s face it, every year, they hands down have the best holiday card EVER! No pressure, right?! I’m really happy with the photos and the layout Patty chose.¬†Can Nicholas and Kate be any cuter?! And let’s talk about those fuzzy hats and matching boots! Clearly, I’m loving all the cuteness a tad bit too much.

You’ll definitely be seeing more of these two in 2015.

Here is their 2014 holiday card (taken with my iPhone):

tis-the-season-nicholas-and-kate tis-the-season-nicholas-and-kate