George the Salon

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George The Salon

george the salonI looove getting pampered! I’m all about facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and everything else in between. I recently went to George the Salon to try out their new service, a digital detox massage. What is that, you say? Well, if you’re anything like me, I’m on my phone or computer a lot during the day. From typing up lessons and writing my blog, it all takes a toll on my body. I have to remind myself to have good posture and to relax my hands after typing a long time. Here is where George the Salon comes to the rescue! A digital detox massage concentrates on the upper body working out the tension in your scalp, jaw, temples, face, neck and shoulders while moving out to the arms, hands and fingers. Each technique used helps satisfy every need and eases any signs of pain and discomfort.

The digital detox massage was very relaxing. I loved getting my scalp massaged and getting my hair tussled – that’s like my favorite thing in the whole world even more so than manicures. The oils smelled heavenly and I actually relaxed! It’s hard for me to relax sometimes because my mind never stops running. It was also nice to know that I couldn’t look at my phone. After the service, I’ve been better about not using too much technology and when I do, I try to sit up properly, take breaks and roll my shoulders and wrists around for a bit. I feel like my masseuse would be proud of me. On another note, during the massage, you are on your back just in case you were wondering. I can’t wait for my next service 🙂

The digital detox massage is available Thursdays and Fridays.

  • 25 minutes ~ $75
  • 55 minutes ~ $120george the salon chicago
*Thank you George the Salon for the amazing digital detox massage. All opinions are my own.

Fromm Beauty

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Today’s post is all about my favorite hair tools from Fromm Beauty. I’m just going to express how much love I have for 1907 Zero7 Air Lighweight hairdryer. I LOVE it so much. Not only does it dry my hair very quickly, it also doesn’t make loud noise like other hairdryers. To minimize damage, start with the switch flipped to negative, which breaks down water molecules for a really fast dry time. To pump up your strands, turn to the positive setting, which opens the cuticle to volumize hair. These two modes have seriously been life savers. It’s also super light (less than a pound) and a very important hair tool especially during winter when I have to blow dry my hair so it won’t freeze when stepping outside. Order today from Amazon and it will arrive before Christmas! You seriously need this hair dryer in your life, ladies (and gentlemen).

Aside from the hairdryer, I’m obsessed with all these brushes! An amazing brush is very vital in having healthy, shiny hair and clearly I need more than one! The Glosser Paddle brush (top) is made of premium boar bristles that redistribute your hair’s natural oils while also exfoliating your scalp with nylon pins. Might sound uncomfortable, but it’s really relaxing and well worth the shine! You can use this brush with either wet or dry hair. The Hot Paddle brush (middle) speeds up your blow drying time and makes you feel blowout fresh. The aluminum plates help retain the heat from the dryer; therefore, a speedier dry time. The  Square Thermal Round brush (bottom) is pretty much an all inclusive brush whether you want straight, curly or wavy hair. I’m still trying to get those perfect waves for my oh-so-straight hair, so I really depend on this brush when I get in a switch-my-hair-look-kind-of-mood.

Phew, who knew I could gush over hair tools like this, but these are by far the best tools I’ve used in a really long time and I don’t trust my hair with random tools, so you know these are the real deal for your hair.

 *Thank you Fromm for all these amazing tools. All opinions are my own.
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